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We’ve already discussed the key parameters of making a good landing page design in our landing page templates with conversion-centered design — the same applies to the medical landing page template design as well. Landing pages can be broadly classified into two categories — One is the call-to-action-focused landing page that concentrates on the click-through-rate and brings traffic to the original source website. While, the other is the conversion-centered landing page design, which concentrates on collecting more leads.

Whether you are launching a new medical product or a new online medical service because of the pandemic, these best medical landing page templates will come in handy for you. The simple design and interactive layout will deliver the message clearly without taking much of the user’s time.

We’ve added both HTML medical landing page template designs and WordPress medical landing page template design in this list to give you more flexibility. Based on your needs and the design requirements, you can pick a template and straightaway use it for your campaign.

Medical Landing Page Templates

Mediplus (HTML)

HTML medical and hospital landing page template

Mediplus is a thoughtfully designed HTML medical and hospital landing page template.

The creator has used a straightforward approach in this template so that users will know what to do as soon as they get into the page. For example, you get a big header section to clearly mention the goal or the purpose of the landing page and a call-to-action button to direct the users to the corresponding section. Vibrant color elements get user attention easily and promote the services elegantly to the audience. The given appointment is neat and long enough to accommodate all major form fields. You can edit the form as per your requirement and integrate it into your booking system.

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Medi (HTML)

modern HTML medical landing page template

Medi is an interactive medical landing page template. Hospitals looking for a smart landing page that can showcase all their departments in one place will love this template.

Lots of image spaces are there in this template to let you visually narrate the services you offer. Plus, the images will help you showcase the best facilities you have to help the patients. Being an HTML5 hospital website template, it can also handle videos without any issues. Each and every section is made big enough to make interaction easier on both small and big screen devices. Overall, Medi is one of the best responsive medical landing page templates.

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MedicalCenter (HTML)

interactive and mobile-friendly medical landing page template

MedicalCenter is a proper HTML medical website template that can be used as a landing page template as well.

Logically arranged homepage sections deliver the message clearly to the audience. New users can get a proper idea of your services because of this template’s straightforward design. Since this is an HTML template, you can easily convert it into a landing page with no issues.

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Leadinjection is a professional landing page WordPress theme. This theme pack not only has a medical landing page template but also has designs for other niches. Hence, you can use this landing page kit for all sorts of digital marketing purposes. In an HTML medical landing page template, you have to adjust the code to change the looks. Whereas in the WordPress landing page template, you can use the drag & drop page builder. This template has the famous WPBakery page builder. Hence, you can customize the landing page without even touching the code. The default medical landing page design concentrates on appointment booking. All forms are in a perfect working condition. Once you integrate the form with your appointment booking system, you can launch this landing page.

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BeTheme is one of the best selling WordPress themes. This theme has designs for almost all types of websites. A wide range of designs and layouts makes this theme a darling for many web developers. Under the healthcare sections, you get plenty of premade demos. You can pick any one-page layout demo and can convert it into a landing page. This theme has designs for both medical services and medical products. Hence, you can make a proper landing page in no time. Another unique feature in this demo is it has demos for both WPBakery and the Elementor page builders. You can pick a demo based on the workflow you prefer and can make a powerful landing page.

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Jevelin is a clean multipurpose WordPress theme. Making a website simple and practical takes a lot of effort. Creators of this template have done all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is to add the features and elements you want. The default medical website template is itself a single page template. Hence, you can use it for landing pages without any issues. Another advantage of using a WordPress landing page theme is you can easily manage the multimedia contents. You can add audio files and video files to the website. Speaking of audio, if you are running any medical podcast shows, take a look at our podcast website templates collection to create a stunning podcast website.

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Medicare is one of the best selling medical WordPress themes. This template pack has nearly 15 readymade demos. Separate demos are given for each medical niche so that you can easily set up a website using this theme. For example, you get demos for cardiology, optometrist, general hospital, and more. The one-page Veterinary demo will help you make a landing page for your medical service/hospital. Since it is a multipurpose website template with multiple demos, you get plenty of custom elements and sections. Hence, you can use the one-page demo to create a landing page for all types of medical websites and products.

Plenty of niche-specific features are also bundled in this template to make the website owner’s job simple and easier. For instance, you get timetable design, before and after slider to show your works and appointment scheduling out of the box. If you want a fully equipped medical landing page template, this is the best option for you.

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Healthcare is a sensibly designed, clean medical website template. The creator has used modern web elements to deliver an immersive user experience. Plus, the elements are designed carefully to deliver optimal performance on both computers and mobile devices. The same level of effort is given for all four demos. The default one-page layout will help you make an engaging landing page. Medical-related icons in this template improve the visual aesthetics of the website and help the site owner deliver the message clearly to the audience. You can create stunning image sliders on your landing page with the help of the bundled premium Layerslider plugin and impress the users as soon as they land on your page.

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Medilink is a feature-rich medical website template. This template’s creator has given you tons of premium plugins and features so that you can make a proper website in no time. Unless you have any special needs, you can use this template as such. Customizations are made simpler using the Elementor page builder. Both the template and the page builder are lighter in code structure; Hence, you get a snappier performance that most users will love. Another interesting feature in this template pack is all eight demo versions are available in both multi-page and one-page versions. No matter which demos you like, you can turn it into a landing page by simply importing the one-page version of the template.

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The above mentioned Meidlink demo gave us a contemporary-style design. Whereas, the MedicalHealth gives us a more conservative, professional-looking medical website design. MedicalHealth has five demo versions. Images and bright colors are used effectively in the landing page demo version of this template. The creator has kept the animations and hover effects as simple as possible to maintain this template’s professional character. If you want, you can still add your custom animation effects. This template uses the latest CSS pack; therefore, you can use any modern design elements and effects without any worries.

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MEGAPACK is also a customization-friendly HTML landing page template. This one uses its very own page builder; hence, you can expect a well-synchronized environment. The page builder uses a grid-based architecture; it can handle modern Bootstrap templates easily. Using this page builder is more or less like using an online editing tool. You can either pick an existing template and edit. Or, you can start a blank project and start making your own template. You get a medical landing page template in the default design itself. If you don’t want to design a template from scratch, you can use the given medical landing page template. Speaking of template editing tools and page builders, take a look at our Kompozer templates collection if you are into the open-source Kompozer builder tool.

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LeadPage (HTML)

LeadPage is a multipurpose HTML landing page template collection. Since it is an HTML5 template, you can use it on different platforms without any hitch. This template pack has twelve demo variations, and we get one medical landing page template. The default medical landing page has a clean layout with a straightforward design. The appointment booking form is kept at the top, and other quick contact information is placed right below the header section. Hence, new users with needs can contact you quickly. All elements work perfectly from the front-end side. Once you are done with the backend integration, you can use this landing page for your campaign.

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Drova (HTML)

Drova has not one but two medical landing page templates. Both demos are unique and concentrate on improving the CTA. If you are launching a special treatment or new department in your hospital, this is the best template for you. The long landing page design gives you more than ample space to clearly explain your services to the audience. Modern color schemes easily draw user attention to the required spot. Plus, the subtle animations add life to the landing page. Landing page designs for other niches are also given in this multipurpose landing page template pack. Based on your needs, you can pick one and start making an attractive landing page.

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Crown (HTML)

Crown is another multipurpose HTML landing page template. The creator has covered almost all major professional websites like agency websites, restaurant websites, lawyer websites, and a lot more. The default medical landing page has a dead-simple design. Even the call to action buttons doesn’t have hover effects. As a result, you get a fast-loading landing page. If you like to spice up the design a bit and make it livelier to use, take a look at our bootstrap animation examples collection. This template uses the latest bootstrap framework; hence, you can use the latest design concepts and animations without any issues.

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Invoza is the best option if your landing page is all about CTAs and presenting the new features. All six demos have an ultra-clean layout where a user can easily read and interact with it. Because of this template’s pristine design, even mobile users can easily interact with your landing page. Since most emails are now being read on mobile devices and quick searches are made on smartphones, making your landing page mobile-responsive is a must. Invoza has a mobile-responsive design right out of the box. Hence, you can use this landing page for campaigns easily.

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Innovio is a multipurpose WordPress landing page theme. Iconography and vector-rich web designs are becoming popular among innovative brands. With the help of the modern web development code scripts, you can give an authentic user experience. We can combine the power of the code scripts and realistic vector characters to deliver an immersive user experience. You can effectively use the storytelling strategy and can improve the conversion rate. Innovio uses a modern design that will make your landing page stand out from the crowd. Though it doesn’t have a readymade medical landing page template, you can use the WPBakery page builder to easily convert the given landing page demo into a medical landing page.

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Inbound landing page WordPress theme is made for professionals and corporates. The sharp-looking layout delivers the content clearly to the audience. This template has nearly ten demo variations. All demos have a content-focused design. The important aspect of a landing page is to hook the reader as quickly as possible. Making your landing page direct and straightforward helps the user to realize how your service can help them. Since it is a multipurpose, professional landing page template, you can pick any demo and can make it into a medical landing page with the help of the WPBakery page builder. If you are a perfectionist, you can edit the code script. The creator has kept the code structure as simple as possible.

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ShiftKey has landing page demos for startups and new business launches. The futuristic design and the clean layout of this landing page template will help you make a proper medical landing page. Whether you need your landing page to collect more leads or want it to divert the traffic to your new service page, this template pack has a perfect demo for you. Since it is originally designed for startups, the creator has used modern web elements to clearly explain the services — you can use these elements to explain your new medical services. Though this theme doesn’t have a readymade demo, you can still make a healthcare/medical landing page with its friendly customization features.

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Engin is a colorful and well-engineered landing page demo. Only a few developers offer you all basic functions as a built-in option; the Engin template is one such gem. Right from the page builder to the image sliders, everything is designed by the in-house developers. Hence, you get a more reliable service and a synchronized environment. Everything can be controlled from the WordPress dashboard itself. This template pack has both multi-page regular website demos and landing page demos. The landing page has a more narrative style design where the user has to scroll to know all the features. If you want, you can add quick links at the top to make the navigation easier.

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Bridge WordPress theme finds a sweet spot between the creative designs and professional designs. Hence, you get an attractive website that most modern users will love. Under the healthcare website category, you get a handful of website demos. Even if you don’t like the default medical website demos, you can pick any demo from this template’s huge 500+ readymade demo archive. All demos are properly designed and are equipped with the page builder tool to make the customization easier. Since it is a multipurpose demo, it may not have niche-specific features. But never worry, you can easily extend the functionalities and add custom features by installing the corresponding plugin.

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Avada is a well-known WordPress theme that doesn’t need any introduction. This template’s friendly features and addition of useful options in each update help this template to retain its number-one spot. The creators have given more sophisticated customization options and an advanced page builder tool in the recent update. Hence, you can pick the medical website template and can easily convert it into a landing page with the features you want. The in-house developers make most of the features in this template. Therefore you get all sorts of help from the theme author itself.

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jupiter theme is the infinite customization options. Under each website category, it has at least five demo variations. The default veterinary demo will be a perfect option to make a landing page. You can pick any medical website demo and convert it into a landing page in this template. This template also has separate demos for the WPBakery and the Elementor page builder.

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Launchkit (HTML)

Launchkit is a unique HTML landing page template. Mostly you have to play with the codes to make an HTML template fit your needs. This template uses the Variant builder to help you do minor customization without touching the code. If your client wants to do minor customization by themselves, HTML templates like this will be good. The creator has given you the option to try the builder in the demo itself. Hence, you can get an idea before deciding to get this template. Because of this template’s page builder tool, you can pick the general or other services business landing page and can convert it into a medical landing page.

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