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Car is a dream for everyone. Some want a compact car to maneuver in busy city traffic easily, While some need a big seven/eight seaters to have a fun family weekend. Car dealers help you find the best car and comparing it with other models. In this busy world, taking your business online will help you reach more potential customers. Users can easily book an appointment via your website and can easily arrange a test drive car beforehand without taking your customer’s precious time. The modern car dealer website templates should be smart enough to answer all the basic questions that a customer looks for. These car dealer website templates are equipped with the proper tools to improve the user experience.

For example, some of the car dealer website templates have built-in financial and loan calculator tools. Easy and quick car comparison tools are given in almost all templates; hence, the users can do all the basic researches online. You can concentrate on the advanced topics when the user visits your store. Each and every car dealer website template has a unique style and unique features. So take your time, check all the templates, and find the best one for you.

Autoroad (HTML)

HTML car dealer website templates

Autoroad is a versatile HTML automotive template that can be used as both a car dealer website template and a car rental service website template. The smart design of this template lets the user select the car brand, model year, and budget so that they can quickly narrow down the result.

Smooth animations and smart web elements do deliver a friendlier user experience. Plus, the user can virtually enjoy the cars before they select one. You can even add 360-degree images in this modern age to let the users fully see the interiors. Since the creator has used the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, you can easily integrate any new third-party tools to make a fully functional website.

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Carbook (HTML)

responsive car rental and car dealer website template

Carbook is also a car booking and car dealer website template. The creator has designed this template purely from a business perspective. Hence, you get the service promotion at the top and the product listing next to it.

High-res icons and images are used to deliver a rich user experience. And the best part is, all icons and design asset files are included in the download file to make the developers’ work even simpler. Though it is an HTML5 website template, it has all the elements in the right spot and works smoothly from the front-end side. All you have to do is to take care of the backend work and launch your website.

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car dealer website template wordpress

For those who are looking for a complete solution, the Vehica WordPress car dealer website template will be a good option. All basic functions are built into the WordPress theme; for example, you get advanced search options, multi-currency options, and many more so that the users can effortlessly manage the website from the WordPress dashboard itself. This theme pack has six homepage variations and all of them can be edited easily using the Elementor page builder.

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niche focused website template

Motors is a multipurpose listing and car dealer website template. Since it has the characteristics of listing websites, you can easily manage your car brands. Card elements show the bite-sized content in an interactive way. The creator has used the CSS3 script effectively to create modern design elements. Animation effects are sleek and load faster on all types of devices. The thoughtfully designed homepage shows important information clearly to the user. For example, at the top bar, you have space to show your communication details, and you can mention your working hours in the footer section. All the custom elements are neatly added to the WPBakery page builder; hence you can do all minor customization via the page builder itself. If you want websites with listing characters, take a look at our Craigslist website templates collection.

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Car Dealer

car dealer website template with multiple demos

Car Dealer template is designed for car dealers and other related businesses from the group up. Hence, you get all the necessary features pre-built in this template. Choosing car dealer website templates with most of the features pre-built in it will reduce the number of plugins you use. As a result, you get not only an easy-to-manage website but also a fast loading website. This template pack has fourteen homepage variations, and you even get an RTL version. The creator has tried to cover all types of audiences in this pack. Vehicle stamps and brochure designing tools are neatly integrated into the WordPress dashboard. Site owners can control almost everything from their dashboard. Speaking of brochures, take a look at our brochure mockups collection if you want to create realistic mockups within minutes.

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multipurpose car dealer and rental website template

The creator has covered all types of automobile dealers and rental service website categories in this pack. You get lots of useful features in this pack because of its niche-focused design. This theme pack has nearly eleven demo versions. Since this theme has separate car dealer website templates for luxury cars and budget cars, you can easily concentrate on the customer you target. Plenty of space is given for images and videos so that you can display your car collections elegantly to your audience. Plus, if you are creating useful Youtube videos for your audience, you can share it easily on this template.

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feature-rich car dealer website template

CarSpot is purely designed for car dealer websites. Hence, all six demo versions give you different designs for car dealer websites. The creators of this template have created many premium plugins related to the car dealer websites. You can check their plugins and can buy the premium versions separately if you find the features useful. The creator has included most of the basic features in this theme itself. So you no need to look for separate plugins. Overall, CarSpot is a well-equipped car dealer website template. If you already own a website and like to take most of your business operations online, Car dealer website templates like this will be a good option.

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Budget Cars

used car dealer website templates

Budget Cars is a used car dealer website template. The clutter-free design and lots of white spaces make the interaction easier on this template. This one is also a mobile-responsive template like most other templates in this list. Your customers can book appointments and access your website easily on the go. This theme is equipped with the Booked Appointments plugin out of the box; hence your website is ready to receive online bookings from day one. As most of the basic pages and basic plugins are included in the theme bundle, it gives you more value for your money, and it also saves a lot of time.

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user-friendly car dealer website template

CaLeader is a fresh new entry in the car dealer website template category. You can expect a fresh and enthusiastic design in this template. Patterns and typographies are used effectively to highlight important sections. Smooth scroll effects and professional design makes this template a perfect fit for modern dealer websites. Images are used extensively in all the pages. If you are using custom images, this image-rich website template will come in handy for you. The creator has not only designed the desktop version with care but also created the mobile version with caution. Hence, mobile users can book appointments and search your cars easily on the go. Since it is a new entrant, it has only a few demos. But, you can expect new demos in the next updates.

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creative car dealer website template

autoRoyal is a contemporary style website template. The creator has used a clean layout effectively to make a content-focused website. Bold letters and lots of white space makes this template easily compete with modern websites in your industry. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, the creative organic-shapes look crisp. The trendy look is consistently used in the inner pages as well. This consistent design will help you easily brand the website. If you are a developer, you can add subtle micro-animations to these organic shapes to make the website even livelier. Both front and back end customizations are made simple in this template. You can do minor customizations via the WPBakery page builder. The sensibly written code base will help you easily customize the template and add the features you want.

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car dealer website template with multiple layouts

AutoPro website template is designed by keeping user experience in mind. Modern web elements and smooth animation effects give a dynamic user experience. Plus, it is a WordPress website template; most of the options are in working condition. All you have to do is to fine-tune the design and functions as per your needs. This template has eight homepage variations. Each demo is different and is made for different purposes. All demo variations are properly integrated into the WPBakery page builder; hence front-end customizations can be done via the drag and drop page builder itself. Another useful tool in this template is the loan calculator. Providing useful tools like this will help you bring the users again and again to your website. Take a look at our dynamic website templates collection for other niches.

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Auto Showroom

colorful car dealer website template

Auto Showroom is a conversion-focused WordPress website template. Right from the header to the footer, the creator has added an engaging element to improve the chances of getting new leads. This template has seven homepage variations, which have designs for car service websites as well. The creator has designed this template from a site owner perspective; hence you can see lots of text space to explain the services clearly. Client testimonials and animated countdown timers boost your credibility. Basic plugins are included in this template so that you can smoothly run a normal website. You can install third-party WordPress plugins if you have custom or advanced needs. Since it is a WordPress website template, you needn’t worry about finding compatible plugins.

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website template with useful features

Carena is a multipurpose car and automotive website template. The creator of this template has tried to make this template a one-stop solution for all car-related businesses. Though this template has only one homepage design, you can easily customize it to your needs. This template uses the King Composer page builder tool; hence you can easily drag and drop the elements. Niche related functions like car showcasing and car detailing are pre-built into this template, which saves you time and money. All these customization features and control options are neatly embedded into the WordPress dashboard. Therefore, site owners can easily manage their websites from the dashboard. If you are planning to give a front-end dashboard for your members, take a look at our free dashboard template collection.

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car dealer website template with creative design elements

Autozone is also a multipurpose car website template like the Carena template mentioned above. But, this template has dedicated demos for each category so that you can easily manage your website. This template has three demo variations; each one is different and uses a full-width layout. Because of this full-width layout, you get an ample amount of space for all content and web elements. The creator has used the modern web development framework to bring out the driver inside everyone. If you are dealing with sports cars, car dealer website templates like this will be a good choice. This template has not only a modern look but also has modern features. Therefore, your users will enjoy using your website.

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multipurpose car and auto website template

If you are concentrating more on establishing your brand, a car dealer website template like Autoimage will be a good choice. Why? Because you can see that the user has smartly placed the brand logo and brand name in all the pages. No matter on which page the user is, he or she will see your brand clearly. The creator has even used subtle animation effects here and there to draw user attention on the required spot. This template has two homepage variations and all the basic inner pages pre-designed for you. The full-page navigation menu option is a clever idea. People on mobile phones can also easily navigate through your website using the full-screen navigation menu design. If you like to spice up the navigation design, take a look at our CSS menu design examples for more contemporary style designs.

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professional-looking website template

KALLYAS website template purely concentrates on the business websites and eCommerce websites. Hence, you get a neat professional-design that fits almost all business websites. The default car dealer website template has plenty of space for images. You can neatly showcase your car images on this website template. Since it is a multipurpose website template, you don’t get any niche-specific demos. If you are planning to simply showcase your cars and allow users to book a test drive or appointment, you can use this template as such. For additional features, you have to go for third-party WordPress plugins. Again, it is WordPress, so you needn’t worry about finding compatible plugins. Plus, there are plenty of professionals out there to help you.

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multipurpose website template with friendly options

Jevelin is one of the best selling multipurpose website templates. The creator has covered almost all major categories in this pack. This template has nearly 30+ modern demos. If you are bored by the same old designs, this trendy professional-looking website will impress you. These templates are not only pleasing to eyes but also has features to make your life easy. Since this is a multipurpose website template, it has endless customization options. This template already uses the famous WPBakery page builder, but the creator has added a new Element editor tool for quick front-end customization. With all these customization tools and options, you can pick any demo and convert it into the website you want. We do get a dedicated theme for car repair and car dealer websites. Based on your needs, you can pick one design and start working on it.

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easy-to-use website template

BeTheme has the largest pre-made template inventory. The creator has covered almost all major website categories, which makes this template a one-stop destination for web developers. You can make hundreds of websites with one theme price. This template has a handful of car dealer website templates and other automotive website demos. Since you also get other niche website designs, there will be plenty of elements to help you as your website grows. All these custom elements and basic web elements are neatly integrated into the WPBakery page builder. You can simply drag and drop the elements on the page you want.

This template not only has a long demo list but also have a long pre-bundled plugin list. Right from the form plugin to the eCommerce store plugin, everything is bundled in this template pack. As a site owner or developer, you will find this template extremely helpful.

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content-rich dealer website template

Bridge website template is originally designed for creative business websites. Later, the creator has added designs for other businesses as well. The unique selling point of this template is its creative design. No matter what niche you choose, the creator has his best to give a modern look to the website. This template has nearly 450+ demo variations. The default car dealer website templates use bright colors and flashy animations to help you easily promote your offers. For image sliders, this template uses the premium Revolution Slider plugin. Other premium plugins are appointment booking and eCommerce plugins. With this feature-packed website template, you can create a proper website in no time. This template supports both the WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder; hence customizing this template is a lot easier than you think.

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car dealer website template with multiple customization options

Jupiter is also a multipurpose website template with multiple pre-made demos like the BeTheme. This template has 250+ pre-made designs, which is a little smaller when compared to the BeTheme. But for general users, the 250+ demo is more than enough. Five to six demos fall under the car dealership and other related business categories. A search tool is given on the theme landing page to help you easily search and find the template you want. The template has separate demos of the WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder. Based on the workflow you prefer, you can pick the demo with the page builder you want. Customization-wise, both page builders are easy and straightforward to use.

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Phlox Pro

image-rich website template

Phlox Pro is also a creative website template like the Bridge template mentioned above. This template has very colorful and animation-rich designs. Images and creative elements deliver an immersive user experience. Again this is a multipurpose website template; all the features and designs are done by keeping the mass audience in mind. If you need any niche-specific options and elements, you have to customize the template. Both front and back end customizations are made simple by using the WPBakery page builder and a flexible codebase. This template meets all the industry code standards; hence, your developer can easily work with this template. For appointment booking, this template uses the Events calendar plugin. If the online booking option is your prime importance, take a look at our appointment booking website templates collection.

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multipurpose website template

This template doesn’t need an introduction. With more than 500K downloads, this template has powered thousands of websites. Straight forward design and easy to customize feature makes this template as one of the best selling WordPress themes. Though this template has a fewer number of pre-made demos when compared to other big themes like the BeTheme, the endless customization lets you build any website. This template uses its own page editor tool, and the in-house developers developed some of the basic tools; hence, you can expect a seamless performance in this template. If you have a dream website in mind, this template has the right tools to bring your dream website to life.

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easy to edit multipurpose website template

TheGem is a multipurpose website template with 400+ demos pre-designed for you. The creator has covered all major niches in this template pack. More than thousands of inner pages and hundreds of web elements are readily available for you to make your website. This template also uses the famous WPBakery page builder. You can expect all the customization features in this page builder tool. Unlimited colors, one-click installation, and everything are given in this premium template. Even if you don’t find a template for your niche, you can pick one that closely meets your needs and customize it.

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Grand Car Rental

website template for car rental and car dealer websites

Grand Car Rental, you can infer that this template is a rental service website from the name itself. But, this template can also be used for car dealer websites. An ample amount of space is given for you to list your cars. You can use product card elements to highlight and show the car features neatly. Plus, it is a multi-page website template. So you can explain each and every car model clearly to the user. This template has four homepage variations, and all of them have space for multimedia content. You can even use video backgrounds in the homepage section to improve user engagement.

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website template with friendly built-in options

Turbo is a multipurpose car and automotive rental website template. If you want a neat youthful brand-focused car dealer website template, this is the best option for you. Though this template is designed for rental services, you can use it for car dealer websites as well. This template has six demo variations. All demos are powered by WooCommer for online sales and other related functions. Hence, functionality-wise, also, this template makes your job simple. All pages are elements that are precisely calibrated for small screen devices to improve your audience reach. With the friendly customization options, you can easily customize this template and can make a car dealer website with no issues.

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