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Search boxes and bars are critical elements on every website. Depending on any project the users are involved, this can be one of the most essential components. This simple addition to any website can improve the UI of any website improving user experience as a whole. Not, only this, but this also serves the navigational purpose of helping users find exactly what they are looking for with ease. You can usually find these on the navigation bars or header menus visible and in some cases hidden. Not only does this make things more user-friendly and approachable but allows site-wide navigation with a simple click. Saving both time and effort on both ends, if you still haven’t added this simple yet effective element then what are you waiting for?

And if you are in search of the perfect way to implement creative HTML search boxes onto your site, then you are at the right place. While you are at it, why not add that flair of appeal with interesting designs? Today we have tried to create a list of the best possible HTML search boxes including options for animated, simple, stylish, and more. Each of these we have mentioned below includes demo images and also a link to their code snippets. Whether you want to get a head start to your own custom design or simply looking for a fully created bars and boxes, you will get it all. So without further ado, let’s get onto the listing.

Bouncy Search Box


To start off our list, we have this super appealing search box design by Guilaume Schlipak. Creative and stylish, this is a pretty creative approach towards a simple search box design. With the use of CSS, HTML as well as JS the creator has taken this minimal design to the next level. It starts out as a button with the classic search icon on it. When clicked on, it expands with a almost bounce like movement that adds that extra creative flair. Even the background features a layered effect with complimenting color schemes. To take a closer look at the code structure, you can follow the link below.

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Soft Search Box


Now this particular example is a creation by Nikhil, which follows the traditional routes for style and design. It is also a pure CSS and HTML based structure which makes it pretty simple enough to understand and replicate. There are however, not much of animations and effects that accompanies the search button. It is a simple bar with placeholder for your search input and the icon to click on. The box is designed with a familiar material design with minimal color scheme. And if you are looking for something more professional, then this is sure a great way to start.

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Wobbly Search Bar


Now this particular search bar design is one that is definitely one that is ideal for those unique and quirky sites. A playful take on a traditional search box, this definitely stands out in a most appealing manner. Everything about this is one of a kind, with the unique shape of the bar, to the bouncy movement to the placement of colorful texts and the search icons. And the best part here is surely the animations and effects when one hovers over the bar. The caterpillar like shape transforms into a round edged bar where you can type in your search. Definitely a innovative concept, it is quite complex and sophisticated in all the right ways.

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Search Box

search box v2

Starting off simple and clean, this is a design that is sure to keep things elegant and minimal. It starts off as a simple search icon that expands to reveal the space to enter your search. The handle also transitions into an exit button which reverts the search box into it’s original position. This seems to be simple enough but, the code structures with CSS, HTML and JS is powerful and advanced. It is also responsive which means that this search box design adjusts according to the different screen size.

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Search Box Focus Effect

search box focus effect

A search box design that is pretty visually engaging, this one is quite unique. It features a fully functioning search box with a plain colored background. However, when the users click, the background transitions to a vibrant color while the search box is illuminated with a colored outline as well. Simple and yet appealing to the users, this is surely a great way to integrate search box designs on your sites. The creator Chris Smith has made use of the powerful and advanced CSS and HTML to get the end result. Hence, everything about this template is smooth running.

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Search Input Animation

search input animation

This is another variation of search button design that makes use of the classing shape transition effect. With a vibrant and eye-catching background, the seatch button icon is placed in the center. When clicked on, the icon transitions into a single line where you can type in your search. Clever with the animation, the structure relies entirely on the CSS and HTML for the overall end result. It is completely responsive and visually impactful. Follow the link down below to get the full view on the code snippets and demos.

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Pure CSS Animated Search Bar

pure CSS animatred search bar

Now this CSS search box is one that is certainly creative and one-of-a-kind. While the basics and the preliminary is the same as any other, it differs in various visual aspects. The striking color palette stands out the most in an appealing manner. With a bold background and a black and white icon in the center, it will stand out on your site as well. When hovered over, the circular icon expands to reveal the text holder where you can type in your search. The icon also changes it’s color to stand out on the expanded search input area. Simple, efficient and creative, get the full preview to the code snippet and preview through the link down below.

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CSS Search Box

css search box

This is another great CSS search box you can use on your site. It features a simple shape shifting icon that makes for a attractive end result. The search button icon executes a simple color transition when hovered over. And when clicked on, it changes into a search box where the users can input their searches. The exit button on the bar then reverts the icon to it;s original state. Overall, a pretty simple, and professional looking search bar design, it relies fully on HTML and CSS only. The color pattern surely is unique and attention grabbing as well.

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Search Input Animation

search input animation pure css

This too is a simple looking CSS search bars that is pretty similar in design and effects used. However, the difference here is the eye-catching color pattern and slight variation with the shapes used. The creator Nikolay Talanov has made use of CSS and HTML codes to get this result. Thus, this makes way for a smoother performance. And the great thing is that the link down below provides the users with full access to the code snippet. Check out the demo and try this variation out for yourself.

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Search Form with animated search button

Search Form With Animated Search Button html search box

An animated example that is perfect to be used as a search box, this is a stylish and formidable option to start out our list with. The creator using just simple CSS and HTML has managed to add in all the appealing animations, effects and elements effectively. Starting out with a simple HTML search box with placement for texts to be searched and the find icon on the side, the box is further stylized with simple transitions. The peach and pink color scheme with the gradient white adds that clean and eye-catching factor. Icon on the right changes to an arrow while the text Search designated to showcase the text area is also replaced when the users type in their query. While the remaining can be customized as per the requirements, the overall design structure and style is pretty much a great start. Another little detail that most of the others miss out on is the notification that appears when the users click on search without typing in any query.

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Another great example of HTML search boxes is this clean and retro expandable animated bar. Subtle yet so much effective, this creative design makes it easier to place search boxes onto text heavy or content heavy sites. The detail achieved with simple elements and transitions the creator has kept it minimal. When clicked on the icon, it expands to a full view to reveal the text area where the users can type in their queries. Because of the dark background and the white text area, even the icon first displayed changes their color schemes to match the design. The whole structure is based on HTML and CSS which means that this HTML search box is easy to implement on your site as well.

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Animated Search Bar

Animated Search Bar html search box

Now, this design is similar to the one we have just listed above, however, it leans towards a more advanced and complex style. While the icon is similar and it does expand to reveal the text area, it is completely different from the animation and effects. Albert Feynman, the creator of this HTML search boxes has elevated the simple design with great attention to details. The icon when clicked on reveals a bar for the users to place their searches on. And while the icon starts out as a typical search icon, it changes to a cross when transitioning. Even the neon pink on a plain gray background makes it more popping and eye-catching for the users to enjoy. Get a full look into the coding structure following the link down below.

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Simple Search Bar

Simple Search Bar html search box

Just as the name would suggest, this is a simpler and clean design for HTML search box intended for more professional look and appeal. This is a standard search bar with a text area and a search button. The fonts are clean and even the blue and white color schemes are pretty much pleasing to the eyes. Emily Huang, the creator has aimed at simplicity and kept the whole ordeal more purpose oriented. While all of the little details including the size, fonts, and the texts are pre-defined, a simple tweaks here and there can give it a more custom feel.

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Search Button Animation

Search Button Animation html search box

Another one of the creative and innovative designs, this animated HTML search box is a stunning addition on our list today. A design by Kristy Yeaton, this is an expanding button animated in quite a stunning way. Combining HTML, CSS and a slight JS animation, the creator has managed to elevate the whole design. It starts out with a simple bordered box with the search icon. And when clicked on, the search icon changes to a search button and expands to display the text area. Using a simple black background with neon blue as the highlight of each element, it pops up more in the eyes of the users.

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Pure CSS Expanding Search

Pure CSS Expanding Search search box

Smooth, clean and well coded, this pure CSS and HTML search box example is yet another stunner on our list today. So smooth, so stunning, it is hard to believe that the creator has managed to get this result without any complex JS coding. The simple navigating icon that expands and reveals the search bar transitions is an almost mesmerizing movement. Another detail added is the change of color scheme from lime green to pink and purple. Even the icons change itself from a search to a cross. Brilliantly designed, get a head start on your next project with the full code snippet following the link down below.

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Fancy Search Box

Fancy Search Box html search box

Now just as the name says, this is a truly fancy, stylish and edgy design of search box that will surely leave anyone impressed. Backed up with a purple gradient background, the box is animated in an interesting and engaging manner. It starts out as a simple rounded edged box with the text and icon to designate the search area. However, when clicked on, the box reduces itself to form a single line under the text. The icon on the box is also animated to switch placements from left to right. Creator of this example has used both CSS, HTML and even a bit of JS to add that animating factor. When a specific query is typed in, the search button in form of a simple arrow appears on the right-hand side. While it may sound complex, you can get a full look into the coding structure and get a better understanding through the link below.

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Search Box

Searchbox PureCSS Hover Transition html search box

If you are looking for something unique and creative to implement HTML search boxes/bars onto your site, then this is a great option! Clean, simple and yet effective to engage your users, it uses the classic expand and reveal to showcase the search box. However, instead of an entirely different box appearing on the side, this makes use of the search icon itself. The top part expands but in a way to form a box where the users can add in their searches or queries. Even the color scheme with white and blue paints a pleasing appearance.

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Animated Search Input

Animated Search Input html search box

Talking about creative and innovative design, this animated search input is an excellent option. The blue and green gradient background pops out in the eyes of the viewers. And using only CSS and HTML search box design, the creator has managed to get this stunning end result. Starting out with what seems like a simple white search icon, it changes it’s positioning as well as expands to reveal the search area where the users can enter their searches. While everything including the sizing, colors, and even the fonts used are pre-defined. However, you can change and customize it to your preference if needs be.

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Expanding Input

Expanding Input html search box

Steve Gardner, the creator of this amazing HTML search box design has implemented HTML, CSS as well as combined JS codes to get this amazing result. The blue and white color alongside the professional looking bars and icons are the focal point. And of course, the smooth animation and effects make it more engaging for the users. Even the color transition from light blue to a shade darker is clean as can be. The text area is identified with a simple round-edged box with a search button on the side. Everything about this is minimal and clean which makes it the perfect choice no matter what design your site follows.

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Search Input With Morphing Effect

Search Input With Morphing Effect html search box

A design by Milan Milosev, this is another stunning example to get things appealing and mesmerizing for the users. The simple icon animated with CSS and JS, and designed with HTML, the overall structure is quite nifty. Orange and white as the color palette also pop out more to the viewer’s eyes. Even the animation is quite unique per se. The search icon or the magnifying glass divides itself forming an entirely new element. The handle transforms into a cross while the circle then changes itself to a round-edged box where the users can type in their searches. When clicked on again, both these components return to their original state

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CSS Search Field Animation

CSS Search Field Animation html search box

Another one created using CSS, HTML as well as a bit of JS to add in that extra detailing with animation, this CSS search field animation is also a stunner. The stunning purple background used makes the whole design extra appealing. Starting out with a simple icon, when hovered over, it turns into a search box in a mesmerizing transition. Sebastian Popp has elevated a simple design using JS animations and stylizing the searh bar to be so versatile and professional. Use the link below to view the whole structure they have used.

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Increasing Input

Increasing Input html search box

We just can’t seem to get enough of the blue and white combination as here is yet another fabulous example. A variation by Shaw, this too is animated to transition from a simple icon to a search box using JS and CSS. Another detail that adds to the appeal is the subtle color change from a darker to the lighter shade along with the transition. The search bar also includes a search button on the right-hand side which appears and dissolves with the expansion of the bar. Pretty simple yet effective in its own way, this is a perfect way to implement search boxes or bars on your site.

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Simple On-Click Search Field Interaction

Simple On-Click Search Field Interaction html search box

Simple On-click Search bar is quite the opposite of what the name says! Yup, you heard that right, although using minimal codes limiting to just HTML and CSS, the idea and the design is anything else than simple. The bold color schemes with blue, white and gray are pretty pleasing. However, the focal point here is the buttons that appear when the users click on the search box. These buttons are animated to display a palpating effect and users can add in various functions on each one. Another detail the creator has implemented is the hover effect which lightens whichever icon the cursor is upon. Unlike the classic search box, this design instead of using a search button on the side has turned it into a voice input icon.

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Header Search

Header Search html search box

If you are looking for something more simpler and professional rather than too much of distracting elements, then these examples are just the right thing for you. And the great thing here is that the creators has created multiple options to choose from as well. Combining CSS, HTML and also JS for smooth performing transition, all of these examples execute a different movement and animation. From slide down effect to replacing the whole menu to display the HTML search box, you can opt for anyone from the listing here. Just make sure that the codes you replicate are placed properly so that you get the exact effect without all of the effort.

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CSS Effect for Search Input

CSS Effect for Search Input html search box

Making use of the stunning Rose Quartz color for the background, this example of HTML search box by Mihael Tomic is another great addition to our list today. Since the background and the texts use the eye-catching color schemes, the rest of the design is pretty neat and plain. Now talking about the animation, the search bar is designed to transition to a single line where the users can type in their questions. The search button and the texts to designate the search area remains constant.

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Animating Search Box

Animating Search Box html search box

Going for something easier to replicate and implement on your site, this rose red design is a pretty great option. The creator has kept things simple and clean as it uses the design and style element from HTML and simple CSS. Once again, the icon for search or find is used as the expanding element which displays the search bar. However, this time there are no search buttons and a simple entry on the keyboard does the trick.

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Search Box by Ricardo

Search Box by Ricardo html search box

Now for a more complex design which is much more easier to achieve, this example of HTML search box is by Ricardo Ortega. The circle with the icon is the base of the animated search bar. And the expanding animation created with CSS is the major component here. When hovered over the icon, it slides right to make a place for the bar to appear. The blue background with the contrasting pink icon in between makes it for a more creative approach. The text area designated also changes to showcase a darker shade of blue where the users can type in.

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Minimal Search Bar

Minimal Search Bar html search box

Talking about more simpler options and minimal design to implement an HTML search box, this is another great use of animation and transition. But, although the end result is quite simple to see, the overall use of codes to get it is a bit on the advanced side. It starts out again as a simple icon which changes into a fully functional search bar. And the simple detailing with the pop-in and pop-out to the shape transition is quite impressive. The unique thing here is also the cross or the exit button that displaces the shapes back to the original position. Playing around with the simplest of transition, the creator has surely managed to make the simplicity pop-out with this design.

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Searchbox PureCSS Hover Transition

Searchbox PureCSS Hover Transition html search boxUtilizing the classic expand on hover effect, the creator of this HTML search box has used simple CSS to get this unique style. The icon to showcase the search bar or icon is also quite unique and different from the usual ones. Purple background with the simple animated button also adds to the eye-catching factor. The search box contrasting with the purple displays a transluscent gray text area. When the cursor changes the position, the bar comes back to it’s original position. And the best thing is that the creator has used only CSS and HTML codes. Thus, it is easy to replicate and even implement it on any site with minimal effort. Just follow the link down below to view the full coding structure.

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Animated Search Box

Animated Search Box html search box

Last but not least, this neon gradient design is certainly one to appeal to the users. With the interesting color palette, the creator has implemented unique concepts to get this fabulous result. And the color is not the only appealing factor here. Using JS, the search boox executes animations in an interesting and creative manner. The rounded square to designate the search bar expands on click to reveal the whole structure. It also changes from a square to a circle in a smooth transition. Exit or cross icon which appears alongside the expansion also rolls in and out of the display. Certainly one of a kind, this is sure to engage your users in all the right ways. So view the whole structure to implement it on your site following the link below.

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Basic CSS Search Bar


This is a basic, simple, CSS search box that is straight-forward with the design and purpose. It features the basic search bar that is designed with two layers. And making it pretty easy and simple, it is just that. Not much of animations are going on here making it user and developer friendly. However, the design is responsive. Easy to replicate, you can find the code snippet of the design below. Ideal for those looking for a head start to add their own creative touch to the design, this template is the perfect choice.

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Search Bar 2.0


This is a more complex or more intricate search bar design which is pretty detail oriented. Completely responsive, it relies fully on the HTML, CSS and anime.js code structure. It starts out as a simple search icon, which as you can see above features a subtle hint of shadow as well. When hovered over, the icon is animated to slide right to display the bar where you can type your search. Another subtle detail is the color scheme change that the icon changes while dropping down from the search bar. The search bar is also indicated with the text that shows up showcasing the text type here which dissolves once you start typing.

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Pure CSS Search Bar


Now, this template is another unique take on a simple animated search bar design. Complete with a striking white background and the cross button icon placed in the middle, it is pretty attractive to say the least. It features simple animations yet complete with detail oriented elements that adds to the efficiency. When clicked on the icon, it changes to a different icons and slides onto right while displaying the search bar.  When clicked on again, it reverts back to the original position. It is completely responsive, and loads effortlessly. Ideal for all creative sites, you can pretty much replicate the design to your liking through the code snippet available below.

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  1. LITERALLY just used this article to restyle the default WooCommerce product search widget. Used the “Simple Search Bar” style. My theme already even had a font family icon for the search button to make it perfect. Excellent article and code examples.


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